Free 30-day trial of the full Transportation Economics Suite for a hypothetical geographic area, allowing you to try all TREDIS components, including Economic Impact Analysis (with regional profiles and forecasts), Financial (Cash Flow) Analysis, Fiscal Impact Analysis, Freight Flow Analysis and Benefit-Cost Analysis. (click here for information on the full TREDIS Economics Suite)
Free one year, renewable subscription to the Multimodal Benefit-Cost Analysis tool (MBCA) of TREDIS. Provides capability to support grant applications. Does not include Economic Impact Analysis. (click here for more information on MBCA)
Free 30-day trial of the TREDTransit Calculator allows you to simply and easily assess the economic impacts of your transit agency's capital and operation budgets for hypothetical geographic area. (click here for information on TREDTransit)
Free 30-day trial of the TREDAir Calculator, a simple and cost-effective way to estimate the economic contribution of small airports. Estimate basic economic impacts of an airport, based on regional averages of jobs, labor income, and output for a hypothetical geographic area. (click here for information on TREDAir)
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